About your Farmers

Farmer Mike

As a third generation farmer, I've spent many a day whiling away the summer heat in the irrigation ditch's of rural Idaho. Although far from the Snake river running swiftly alongside Grandpa's farm, my wife and I have managed to carve a little piece of the farm life here in Connecticut.

Aside from farming I have been called a Jack of All Trades. I dabble in Photography, Machinery Repair, Electronics, 3D Modeling/Printing, Blacksmith work, Making, and really anything that needs doing. I also have a Bachelor's in General Studies with a focus on Business Administration and an Associate's in CAD.

Farmer Amy

My family has farmed for as long as we can remember. I was raised on a 200 acre farm with 40 head of cattle and a 2 acre vegetable garden. I've wrangled a cow or two in my time. I rode horses in combined training events placing top of my division. As a young farmer, I helped manage the farm and learned how to preserve the harvest. I specialized in animal husbandry including, cows, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats.

Setting aside farming for a time, I achieved a Bachelor's in Education before starting a career educating young minds in exotic locations like Hawaii. After moving to Connecticut I completed an MBA and pursued a career which would allow more time for my true passion, farming.

My current hobbies include Baking, Photography, Preserving/Canning, Drawing, DIY Crafts, and keeping my husband from taking on too many projects.



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