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Moments from the Farmstead

Garlic Scapes

What are Garlic Scapes?

Where can you get them?

How to use them?

Live Farm Tour: May 10, 2020

Planting Carrots: The Seed Tape Method

How to make your own seed tape and use it in the garden to save time and money planting carrots.

Planting Carrots: The Slurry Method

A new method of planting carrot seeds using a slurry

Preparing Soil for Carrots

Watch how to prepare the soil for a crop of carrots

Mishaps on the Farmstead

When a trip to the feed and seed store goes wrong...

Update to Berry Patch Part 1

Big Spring Project 2020:
Upgrade to the berry patch

Update to Berry Patch Part 2

See the transformation of our berry patch upgrade

Farmer Amy Makes Old Fashioned Popcorn

Make a delicious date-night treat - no microwave required! 

Hardening off Tomatoes

Hardening off Tomatoes - Why is it important and how do you do it?

Planting Hazelnut Trees Part 1

How to transplant Hazelnut trees.

This is a 4 part mini-series.

Part 1: The plan

Part 2: How to prepare the soil for transplanting Hazelnut trees.

Part 3: How we chose the trees

Part 4: Transplanting

Planting Hazelnut Trees Part 4

Planting Hazelnut Trees Part 2

Planting Hazelnut Trees Part 3

Farmer Amy makes Air-fried Chicken Bites

Planting Nectarines

Watch how to prepare the soil and transplant Nectarines.

Planting Blueberries

Watch how to prepare the soil and transplant blueberries.

The Making of our greens washer - Part 1

Check out the making of our greens washer. This series covers the building of the Greens washer which we tested in the below video. In this video I describe how to build an easy 2x4 frame to mount your Greens Washer on.

Testing the new greens washer built by Farmer Mike

Farmer Mike tests the new greens washer with some (not so pretty) cobs of corn. 

2018 Fire in the Hole hot sauce taste testing by Farmer Mike

Farmer Mike taste tests a fermented batch of peppers raised on the farmstead and crafted into hot sauce.


Included in this recipe: Habanero, Jalapenos, Cayenne, Cherry, and Ghost Peppers.

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