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Earth Day Activities

This year, celebrate Earth Day with activities for the family that don't break the bank!

Here are 8 ways you can show your support for Earth Day that costs less than $10:

1. Use your recycling bin - $0

2. Get rid of junk mail by calling the company to stop mail being sent to you - $0

3. Change out lightbulbs with eco-Friendly bulbs like LEDs - $2 which can be recouped with less electricity use

4. Buy reusable grocery bags - and remember to take them with you! (It's easy to forget that part of the step) - $2

5. Buy a reusable water bottle instead of one-use plastic water bottles - $9 which can be recouped in 6 bottles purchased at a convenience store on the go

6. Make a bird feeder for your yard - $2 for birdseed (instructions below)

7. Plant some Honeybee and pollinator friendly plants in your yard - $2 for a packet of seeds

8. Instead of buying vegetables at the grocery store, buy from your local farmer!

Making your own bird feeder

Items needed:

1 toilet paper or paper towel roll with all paper bits removed Peanut butter Bird seed

  1. Using a butter knife or spatula, spread peanut butter on the outside of the cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll.

  2. Roll in birdseed.

  3. Hang bird feeder from a string and attach to a tree branch or slide it directly on the tree branch.

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