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Icy Sun Catcher

This is a fun, cold weather activity that adds beauty to your home and gives you a reason to look for ward to those really cold winter days. When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!


  • Water

  • Jute twine (biodegradable)

  • Scotch tape

  • Metal bowl or Bundt pan

  • Natural items to decorate your ice catcher: Leaves, flower petals, small flowers, sprigs of evergreen, berries


  1. Add a couple 2-3 inches of water to your metal bowl or Bundt pan

  2. Add in your decorative items facing up (the top of the bowl will most likely be the prettiest)

  3. *** The next step will depending on your pan type. See Creating Hanger instructions below.

  4. Put the bowl of water either in the freezer or outside if it's cold enough to freeze.

  5. After a crust of ice has started to form, add additional water to cover any protruding bits of your decorative pieces and freeze again until solid.

  6. Gently pop out of the mold and hang in a location where you can see your icy sun catcher from your favorite window.

  7. Your local temperatures will determine how long you will be able to enjoy. Ours have lasted for over a week.

Creating the Hanger:

For the bowl or Bundt pan without a hole in the center, you will need to add your twine before adding the extra water.

  1. Cut about 6 inches of twine and make a double knot at each end.

  2. Put the knotted ends of the twine into the water and tape them to the sides of the bowl about 2 inches above the water level so they stay put during the freezing process.

For the Bundt pan with a hole. Wait until the piece is completely frozen and ready to hang.

  1. Cut a piece of twine about 10-12 inches long.

  2. Put one end through the hole in the ice and tie in a simple knot.

Bonus Idea:

You can use other molds you have to create whimsical sun catchers as well.

I used our pig mold combined with pink rose petals to give them color and hung them from a tree. I called it "When Pigs Fly".

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