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Seed Tape vs Slurry Method of Planting - Which is the best?

How do you make your own seed tape?

What is the slurry method for planting and how do you use it?

Carrots. I love them, I hate to grow them. Why? Because they are the hardest seeds for me to germinate. This year I tried both methods of seed starting for carrots: creating my own seed tape and the slurry method.

What makes carrots difficult to grow? The seeds are small and difficult to space and the long germination time. It takes carrots on average 2-3 weeks to germinate. This long germination time can lead to overgrowth of weeds that are faster germinating and early death of seedlings because of dry weather conditions.

That is why this year, I tried to new ways of planting carrot seed. Both of these methods tackle the size of the seed, spacing, and the slurry method gives your seeds a head start on germination. You can watch the videos below to try these methods in your own garden.

How do you make your own seed tape? Watch our video

What is the slurry method and how do you plant using the slurry method? Watch our video here

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