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Planning for the new year

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

As the warm temperatures persist in Connecticut, it is easy to forget the cold months of winter that still lay ahead. It is tempting to start pulling out seed catalogs and dreaming up big plans for next year's garden. I try to savor these few months of downtime and use it to allow my soul and body to rest - at least from the outside tasks. I find these cooler months ideal for planning and canning as well as learning new old skills. You know the ones I'm talking about... the almost lost arts of knitting and needlepoint or cheese and bread making. So you may see some blogs in the months ahead of me trying to take back some of those lost skills and learn something new.

For now, I'm planning out all the yummy meals I want to can when I have time to put my pressure canners to work. In the hot summer months, the thoughts of adding more heat and humidity to my kitchen turns my stomach, but when the weather turns cool, that is prime canning season. What better way to be efficient? Heat and humidify your house during the winter while preserving some nutritious meals from veggies picked during harvest. So I have used my tech savvy planning skills to create and share my 2019 Harvest Preservation Template.

Happy planning!

~Farmer Amy

Templates are free for personal use and printing, but any distribution or publication requires written authorization from creator.

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