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Cutting Loose!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Every farmer needs to cut loose occasionally, and Farmers Logan and Kayla are no exception to the rule. After hours of diligently guarding veggies against Grey Squirrel menaces and flying rats determined to wreak havoc on our berry bushes (otherwise known as birds), Logan and Kayla needed a trip to the local park set serenely next to a bountiful cornfield.

Together they frolicked up and down the grass next to the towering rows of corn before taking a break to sniff where other furry friends had been. Logan and Kayla filled every moment of their time away from the farm bounding, jumping, chasing each other, and then diving into the stream for a quick bit of refreshment.

So to our readers, one thing to keep in mind when digging up carrots and hoeing weeds is to take time to cut loose and run through the fields letting your ears flap in the breeze… or just get out and do something fun!

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