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Quiet on the Homestead? Think again!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

While Farmer Mike and I are not posting as much video content as we would like, the Homestead is anything but quiet! Tomatoes are ripening. Hydroponics are humming. Flowers are buzzing... quite literally! I walked by some squash flowers today and they had 3 happy little bumblebees drunk on pollen wallowing around in there. I think if you listened closely enough you could even hear the pumpkins growing!

Harvest season is in full swing and Farmer Mike and I are at our busiest making every minute count and losing daylight every day we tick closer to Fall.

So here are some fun facts to keep you entertained while we work to #PreservetheHarvest.

The world record for the largest Kohlrabi grown was by Scott Robb and weighed in at 96 pounds and 15 ounces! By comparison, the largest Kohlrabi we've grown on The Urban Farmstead was considered a whopper and weighed in at close to 3 pounds .

Cucumbers aren't just green, they can grow in many shapes and sizes. Several varieties look like other foods: Little Potato, Lemon, and Mexican Sour Gherkin which looks like a grape-sized watermelon.

An entire bunch of Carrots can be dehydrated and stored in a 4 ounce mason jar for use in stews and soups.

It takes approximately 7 pounds of Tomatoes to make 1 quart of Spaghetti sauce.

Stay tuned for a very fun video of Farmer Mike test tasting our latest batch of Hot Sauce!

~ Farmer Amy

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